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Using cloth pads made easier

Disposable sanitary napkins, pads and tampons are harmful for our health as well as the environment. Watch these videos to learn about reusable menstrual cloth pads / panty – a healthier and greener option. Cloth pads or panties can be used for menstrual flow during periods, postpartum bleeding, urinary incontinence and daily discharge. These pads can be washed and reused for at least 70-100 times each (or more).
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  • This video tells us the impact of sanitary pads on our health, environment and the society, and encourages us to switch to healthier and greener alternatives – menstrual cup and reusable cloth pads.

  • Inter-Labia pads are a lot smaller than your pantyliner and have to be worn externally along with menstrual cup or cloth pads. You need to place them between your labia (lips or folds of skin at the vaginal opening) to catch the period flow much closer to the vagina to avoid any leaks during heavy flow/ flow with clots.

  • Reusable menstrual cloth pads come in two varieties, With Inserts or Without Inserts. This video shows cloth pads from Eco Femme, Uger and Shomota pads, different size and styles of cloth pads.

  • This video explains what are cloth pads, why should we use these, how to use reusable menstrual cloth pads and how to wash them. It explains how cloth pads are healthier and eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary pads.

  • This video explains how to select the most appropriate cloth pad for your self, based on the styles available (all in one, holder and insert), length of the pads, their width and material used.

  • Watch this video to learn about what is a period panty and how to use it. This video also explains how you can use it with cloth pads and inter-labia pads.