Don’t Miss To Try V Cup Menstrual Cup.

Have you ever wondered about using any replacement of sanitary pads? If not, then it is high time for you to get over the use of old school methods and start using new alternatives. Woman of today have become advanced and are ready to embrace new fangled options. V Cup Menstrual Cup is one such option that must be added in your period box. It is clubbed with oodles of benefits that will make you go gaga with the same too.

Why is V Cup Menstrual Cup Being Loved By A Woman ?

Period is not a problem but is a natural health cycle that women amid a certain age need to walk through. But flanking, with it, bleeding is something to be handled carefully. Using of sanitary pads is no more an accurate option at it results in various health problems. Not only this, it is very costly too. V Cup Menstrual Cup will solve your problems and will require only one-time investment. When you buy this particular cup, you need to spend only once and can use the cup for a minimum of five years. There will be no need to change the cup again and again. As the cup will work efficiently for twelve hours. So, with this, you can understand how much difference both sanitary pad and V Cup Menstrual Cup has.

Now start taking extra care with your monthly menstrual hygiene management by means of V cup menstrual cup. It is made up of high-grade silicone, countless hypo allergic implant, absorbing gel, and so on. The cup is easy to use, safe and hygienic too. Book your very own V cup menstrual cup from today onwards and make your life easy. We have the best quality and cost-effective V Cup Menstrual Cup to suit with your body and lifestyle.



Brand V CUP
Size For Cups One Size
Length W / O Stem (mm) 58
Length Of Stem (mm) 5
Total Length (mm) 63
Cut the Stem? No
Capacity To Airholes (ml) 22
Capacity To Rim (ml) 32
Stem Style Knob
Material Silicone
Softness Medium
Rim Diameter (mm) 43
Made in India
Available in India

Test / Certificates

CIPET Certified, In Vitro Cytotoxicity Test

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