Sckoon Menstrual Cup: Perfect Answer for Health & Hygiene

Want to keep your every month period cycle simple and easy to handle? If this is the scenario, then you need to throw away all your sanitary pads or replace it with a Sckoon Menstrual Cup. Use of menstrual cups has been increased, and women all over the world are showing keen interest over it. But there are a bunch of women who are still confused with the use of new menstrual cups running in the market.

If you are new to this term Sckoon Menstrual Cup and are unsure whether to use it or not then here is the answer for you. These cups are made up high-quality silicon fibre, which itself is an assurance that your health and hygiene both are not going to be affected even for once.

Furthermore, there will be no glitches considering seams, rim or clean up at all. The cup is designed in a manner that it will only offer nothing but best. The best part of a sckoon menstrual cup is that it comes along with 100% organic cotton pouch. The pouch creates an extra shield for the cup protecting from any kind of harmful bacteria etc.

The design of this Sckoon Menstrual Cup is very thin and slim. If you are worried about the strength, then don't be as it is durable and can be used for years. Added to these, there are various suction holes in the cup, especially for the comfort to stay away from restlessness. The holes are the main reason, for sckoon menstrual cup being the first and last choice among women. To know more about these cups and to make the booking you can simply select the cup and size. Our team will also help you with extra support in terms of doubts, questions and selection if cup size too.


Meditation, Size 1 (Small)

Brand SckoonCup
Size For Cups S
Length W / O Stem (mm) 40
Length Of Stem (mm) 30
Total Length (mm) 70
Cut the Stem? Yes
Capacity To Airholes (ml) -
Capacity To Rim (ml) 23
Stem Style Solid Tube
Material Silicone
Softness -
Rim Diameter (mm) 40
Made in USA
Available in USA

Test / Certificates

FDA approved and registered